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Let's talk about us for a minute...

Why choose "The Dexpert"?

Our Process

We have a proven set of processes that we have developed and refined for nearly a decade on over 8,000 individual projects. We know the industry, the lumber and other materials, the climate, and the products better than anyone. We aren't "jacks of all trades", we are specialists and our process isn't just a better way, it's the right way and is quickly becoming a regional standard. Our team will assess your project and recommend the best process and product to meet your specific needs rather than the generic one size fits all approach that most companies rely on.

Our Products

We have spent the last ten years testing and applying nearly every type of coating available on the market. Not all stains or paints are created equal and not all products are formulated with our climate challenges in mind. We love the science of new products, but we don't care for the idea of our customers being guinea pigs for our vendors. We demand the best products and test them in dedicated real world locations to see what really works and then we use our supply chain leverage and experience to bring those products to you at the best possible price.

Our Team

Great processes and products are just the start. Our experienced team of installers has been trained to make the most out of both. Whether its our front office, operations support staff, consultants, or field teams, we have the knowledge, the experience, the passion, and the desire to make sure that you have the best possible experience and get the results you deserve. Our team of professionals practices a customer first philosophy. We are determined to be the best and continue to improve and refine our customer relations to keep that edge.

A Message from our Founder:

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