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Our Team

Meet Our Team...

Janice Mendez

Office Admin

San Antonio native Janice is probably the first person you will speak with at The Dexpert. Her willingness to help and her ability to learn and adapt makes her an indispensable member of our team. She joined us after 10 years working in commercial sales on the retail side of the business and she brings both her industry and customer service expertise as well as her architecture degree from UTSA with her. Janice is a dedicated sports fan and loves rooting for The Spurs and The Cowboys and attending games whenever possible. She is also an avid runner, but enjoys nothing more than hanging out with her family on the weekends for good BBQ.

Rodney Weaver


Rodney was born and raised in the Valley, but has lived in San Antonio most of his adult life aside from a brief hiatus to the Pacific Northwest. After spending years in the custom concrete finishing industry he worked for over 10 years for one of the largest coating companies in the world before landing at "The Dexpert" and we couldn't be more thrilled that he has brought his expertise, energy, and passion to our team. He has been instrumental in product development, team building, logistics, and process refinement. Rodney loves Jeeps, Toyotas, the beach, and tacos, but none of those things as much as his wife Kelly, and their two daughters and son. Rodney is a drummer, a music lover, a student of life, and an avid cyclist.

Bill Johnson

Sales Manager

Bill is a Texas boy born and bred. He has held a variety of positions in his life and acted as a consultant and mentor to "The Dexpert" for many years before joining us full time in 2017. Aside from his extensive sales and marketing experience; Bill successfully founded and operated Covenant Outdoor Living for nearly 20 years before settling down (so he thought) to a life of consulting. Adding him to our team has been more than symbolic as he works diligently to help everyone around him be better. Bill is a husband, father, and grandfather and cherishes every minute. He is also a mentor, a dog lover, a man of faith, and a community pillar. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, golf, grilling, and spending time with family and friends.

Chad LeFever


Born and raised in the heart of lumber country in Klamath Falls Oregon, Chad came to Texas after meeting his wife while living in Wichita Kansas. He founded "The Dexpert" in 2010 after having spent the better part of his adult life in the home improvement and lumber businesses. He has worked in almost every aspect of home improvement from supply chain sourcing to corporate sales and management to installation. He and his wife Amber along with their three sons have been in San Antonio for nearly twenty years and have long decided that this is their home. Chad spends his spare time mentoring, fishing, rooting for the Spurs, reading, and singing a little barbershop music when time allows.

Ben Machiarella

Field Sales Expert

Ben is our ace in the hole from the great state of Michigan. Ben ran his own stain company for over a decade after moving to San Antonio while at the same time building a successful personal training business and helping hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals. After a few years out of the stain business Ben brought his expertise to The Dexpert and we couldn't be happier. Ben has a nearly unmatched level of field experience assessing projects and advising clients in our industry and his customer service and positive attitude are a great fit for The Dexpert. Ben and his wife Shay are fitness enthusiasts and professionals and they enjoy their favorite band "Sabaton", yoga, and traveling the world together. Follow them on social media @posinginplaces.

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